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19 Comments on “How to get more Instagram Likes and Followers”

  1. Taylor
    But then you look stupid for buying into the shit of tagging for likes and attention. I don't want that, I would like more likes/followers etc but if I have to do it the dirty way (this way) where I have to throw my dignity out the door then why bother its not worth it to look like an idiot.
  2. Steffy
    :::Tip::: Actually have a good presentable pic ture && filter it }f you're gonna take a random selfy that looks like all your other selfies then actually take a meaningful selfy :p there's plenty of ppl who do that. Post something funny that probably hasn't been noticed yet && something dazzlin or artsy
  3. ananda
    it doesnt have any function. You will get many likes in few minutes but you will increasing the GHOST FOLLOWERS. You will regret it later
  4. HurremPavlovic
    Do I have to type all of them or I can type just like am.. #instamood and I will still be getting likes or? Sorry for bad english I'm from Serbia

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