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2 Comments on “The new iPad 3? We’ll have to wait and see.”

  1. Max
    The size of the icon in relation to the adult finger is a good *point.* However, the lack of a Home button could easily be a landscape view iPad. Also, if it's a TV then why is it flat on a table? Then again, the size of the icon is much larger than the one in your picture. (A reasonable guess that an adult male finger might vary quite a lot, but not enough to account for the size of finger in relation to the icon on the invitation)... Your 'good eye' did indeed catch what seems to be a real hint... at something.
  2. Eric
    And is this person on the pic starting a keynote presentation and looking up maps? Does not look like typical TV apps to me. Regarding the missing home button: landscape mode is likely and I doubt that the home button will disappear since certain functions require hardware buttons just like on your PC/Mac. The AppleTV box has to be updated since the actual version cannot handle the increased display/video resolution of the iPad 3.

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Dazzling Digital Dross

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